PREMIERE: City Lights With Pretty Hype TO

We at PHTO are known for always finding events for you to go to and often times you can also find us at these events being our crazy hype selves. So we thought it would a good idea if we invited our readers to join in on the madness and see what we’re up to when we’re not working, schooling or blogging. City Lights with Pretty Hype … Continue reading PREMIERE: City Lights With Pretty Hype TO

Prom Night Romance – Shaq

I came across this randomly as I was surfing worldstarhiphop and decided to share it with you all. His name is Shaq, he’s 18 and he’s from the greatest city in the world. Need I say more? Watch it and let us know what you think. I find the chorus pretty catchy =) Follow him on twitter: @shaqisdope It’s like we making love when we … Continue reading Prom Night Romance – Shaq

Exciting New Updates!

Hey everyone! It feels like we’ve been gone from Pretty Hype for months but in reality its only been a few days but we have been gone due to hectic schedules. Anyways its July which means we are halfway through the year (ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY FOR PHTO!) and that means some new updates for Pretty Hype! We want to continue to give you whats hype in T.O and also … Continue reading Exciting New Updates!