Jessica Kaya – “Imperfections EP”

Good afternoon everybody, I know I’ve been on and off lately its just that ive been kinda busy and havent gotten the chance to focus on my love Pretty Hype. So in the words of J.Cole I am “back b*tch, back with an attitude” and I will not disappoint we’re gonna continue to work hard bringing you everything that’s hype out of this city, every … Continue reading Jessica Kaya – “Imperfections EP”

Trish Live @ Intimate & Interactive Open Mic

For all you Trish Fans out there (like myself) Trish will be live, intimate and interactive this Friday at Lambadina Lounge This amazing show/concept is hosted by MTV’s Tika Simone and was created to bring a sense of awareness around not only performance art but the art of media training in artists as well. Every headliner has been hand-selected to perform and answer questions from … Continue reading Trish Live @ Intimate & Interactive Open Mic