Hype Music: N*ggas In Paris – JD Era

“I’m a Tee Oh N*gga” YUP! Just when I almost and emphasis on ALMOST forgot about JD he just popped up on my computer screen as a pleasant reminder that he hasn’t gone anywhere. Take in his version of hype song of the year and the dope little mixup he did on the second half of the beat; making it his own. SHOUTOUTS TO POOTIE TANG TOO! I swear we … Continue reading Hype Music: N*ggas In Paris – JD Era

The Smoker’s Club Tour

For all you hip-hop lovers out there, October 1st is The Smoker’s Club Tour with Curren$y, Big K.R.I.T, Smoke DZA, Mac Miller, Boaz and JD Era @ The Opera House. We’re not 19 yet so unfortunately we will be missing out but hey if you’re old enough… Go check that out! seems like a sick lineup and I seriously wish I could go(wink wink). Check … Continue reading The Smoker’s Club Tour

Hype Music: JD Era – You Know This

I Heard this song off the Stylus Nomination Invasion Mixtape hosted by none other than JD Era and mixed by DJ Christylz and D’Analyst. Personally I think its dope and its been in my head all day so I HAD to share it with y’all! This song is currently at #4 on the Megacity Countdown on OTA LIVE. JD Era is reppin’ T.O. to the … Continue reading Hype Music: JD Era – You Know This