A Map of 10 Youth Programs in the GTA

I remember being a young, lost high school student who felt that my school wasn’t the right fit for me. Or maybe that I wasn’t a right fit for the school. When it came to extracurriculars, my school mainly offered sports teams, science clubs and our ever popular robotics team. Where, I wondered, were the clubs for kids like me who didn’t want to play … Continue reading A Map of 10 Youth Programs in the GTA

A Look Into Little Jamaica

Oakwood and Eglinton avenue west also known as Little Jamaica has developed a reputation for being somewhat of a dangerous area that is riddled with crime and violence. This is where I grew up. I decided to return to this old neighbourhood of mine to show the good that Eglinton West has to offer and some of the history behind this community driven area. From the barbershops where customers not … Continue reading A Look Into Little Jamaica

Rihanna – “Pour It Up” (Official Video)

Suddenly Miley Cyrus twerking seems likes child’s play…. After numerous sneak peek photos on Instagram and a behind-the-scenes teaser, the Pour It Up video is officially here. The R&B singer who is getting more and more known for her “I don’t give a..” attitude, released the video at 11:15am today. The video features the obvious slew of strippers sliding down poles and twerking in bodies of water. Rihanna herself even gets … Continue reading Rihanna – “Pour It Up” (Official Video)

[Hype Music] Burd x Keyz – Keyz of Life Album (Review)

In June 2010, one half of Burd x Keyz – Anthony “Durty Keyz” James – suddenly passed away due to a bacterial infection called Streptococcus. The disease is very rare and spread through Durty Keyz’ bloodstream rapidly which led to his unfortunate and untimely passing at the age of 23. Before Keyz had passed, he had begun working on a project called “Keyz of Life” and in honour of Keyz, production partner Andrew “Burd” Liburd went … Continue reading [Hype Music] Burd x Keyz – Keyz of Life Album (Review)

The Weeknd to release official video for ‘The Knowing’

The director of the video for “The Knowing,” Mikael Colombu, disclosed on Facebook that The Weeknd’s first official video will be released this week according to HypeTrak.  The Weeknd has already had an insane amount of fan-made videos for his music released, so it will be very interesting to finally see his interpretation. The Knowing was a song featured on The Weeknd’s critically acclaimed mixtape House of Balloons and … Continue reading The Weeknd to release official video for ‘The Knowing’