U Decide: Make A Toast – Brandon Ericson

Whats Up everyone, I know we’ve been gone for a minute (holiday season gets crazy) but we didn’t leave for good so to those still checking in, thank you for hanging tight! This first video I have for you was directed by Jayrod and the song was produced ,written AND recorded by Brandon Ericson, who im still on the fence about. So I figured we’d let U … Continue reading U Decide: Make A Toast – Brandon Ericson

Why are British accents so dope?!

This video got sent to us a few days ago and I was a bit hesitant to click play. We get so many irrelevant emails from artists across the globe including really poor songs/mixtapes from locals. Seeing as the first thing I seen was London, England I thought “Here we again!” but I’ve been getting into dubstep and the name of the video was Pubsteppin’ so i gave it a shot… Well it wasn’t … Continue reading Why are British accents so dope?!

Priorities – D-Pryde

The name D-Pryde should be familiar to Torontonians by now so no need to introduce. I don’t think I’ve seen someone with as much energy as this guy but he has a nice flow so I suppose it doesn’t matter huh? Listen, Comment and let us know what you think! OH! We can’t forget to point out DPrizzy’s nod to the Deshawn Raw Rap battles (I’m not a rapper … Continue reading Priorities – D-Pryde

Sese – Willy Wonka 2 (Freestyle)

*PEW PEW!* Sese’s Coming for you! No but really though, Sese is not playing, check the video below. Directed by @GDotSolo #YFRWN2 OUT NOW Download Here http://www.sendspace.com/file/o2415o Twitter @SeseSeason http://www.YFRWN.com http://yfrwn.tumblr.com/ http://www.facebook.com/YFRWN http://www.twitter.com/seseseason http://www.youtube.com/seasonator http://www.myspace.com/seseseason Continue reading Sese – Willy Wonka 2 (Freestyle)

The Weeknd to release official video for ‘The Knowing’

The director of the video for “The Knowing,” Mikael Colombu, disclosed on Facebook that The Weeknd’s first official video will be released this week according to HypeTrak.  The Weeknd has already had an insane amount of fan-made videos for his music released, so it will be very interesting to finally see his interpretation. The Knowing was a song featured on The Weeknd’s critically acclaimed mixtape House of Balloons and … Continue reading The Weeknd to release official video for ‘The Knowing’