Welcome to Pretty Hype T.O.; an urban Toronto lifestyle blog from a female’s perspective. Here I will keep you updated on upcoming artists, events, fashion and much more that makes Toronto “Pretty Hype Still“.

combining my love for journalism, music, publicity and my city, we aim to give a platform for up and coming talent and to encourage our peers to support our own.

Formal Definition of HYPE: [Inf] n. Sensational publicity – v. promote in a sensational way

Informal Definition of HYPE: Adj. Fun, rowdy or Wild. A clever marketing strategy which a product is advertised as the thing everyone must have, to the point where people begin to feel they need to consume it.



The woman behind the Hype:


My name is Murissa Barrington and I’m a Humber College journalism student living in Toronto, ON. I love reading, writing and music. This website is my baby and my plan is to continue experimenting and working on making Pretty Hype T.O. better every day.


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