Pardon Le Dopeness Fashion Exhibit [PHOTOS]

Thursday night, we got the opportunity to go check Pardon Le Dopeness’ latest pieces at 627 Queen West for an invite-only fashion exhibit and the music was great and the clothes were dope obviously. Am I corny for calling PLD dope? yeah, probably! Anyways, all in all the  event was a success, I seen a certain purple studded jacket that I plan on adding to my closet, the city came out to support a great line and it was an opportunity to also meet artist/founder of PLD Matt Adam who was the perfect host coming around and speaking with all the guests. 

Knowing the already large group of support from the city, PLD attire was spotted on countless guests floating around the venue.

Check out a few of the photo’s from the event! (PHOTO CREDS: CupidPro)

(for any more photos from that night CLICK HERE)


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