Why are British accents so dope?!

This video got sent to us a few days ago and I was a bit hesitant to click play. We get so many irrelevant emails from artists across the globe including really poor songs/mixtapes from locals. Seeing as the first thing I seen was London, England I thought “Here we again!” but I’ve been getting into dubstep and the name of the video was Pubsteppin’ so i gave it a shot…

Well it wasn’t what i expected! the song has some trippy effects similar to dubstep but the rapping done over the track was REALLY GOOD and I almost felt as if their cool british accents made even better for me. the whole laid back approach to rhyming and the uncommon style of music to rap on won me over but we always want to know what YOU think.


One thought on “Why are British accents so dope?!

  1. This is sick, brings back the days of cruising for booze and finishing it off with the midnight feed. They have some other stuff on youtube as well.

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