The Weeknd to release official video for ‘The Knowing’

The director of the video for “The Knowing,” Mikael Colombu, disclosed on Facebook that The Weeknd’s first official video will be released this week according to HypeTrakThe Weeknd has already had an insane amount of fan-made videos for his music released, so it will be very interesting to finally see his interpretation. The Knowing was a song featured on The Weeknd’s critically acclaimed mixtape House of Balloons and my guess is that this video will be the build up for the highly anticipated 3rd mixtape Echoes of Silence; due to release “whenever The Weeknd feels like it” , according to Drake.

To get your excitement built up just a bit more, here’s some popular “un-official” videos on Youtube. The Knowing ‘official video’ is due before the week’s end(who bets on Thursday?)

The Knowing below…..

AND BECAUSE WE LOVE YOU GUYS SOO MUCH! Here is some sneak peek photo’s of the video !!

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