The Weeknd Live Debut at The Mod Club (VIDEOS)

We attended The Weekend’s first headlining SOLD OUT show and it was AMAZING. period. 🙂

His voice sounds exactly like it does on record which surprised us because more than usual that’s not the case with live performances . On second though, his voice sounded better than the mixtape if that was possible. Best investment of $20 we’ve ever spent in a while. A personal favorite was his opening “High For This” and broken down “Coming Down” with Abel showing his piano skills while serenading the crowd. A live performance like his, with absolutely no lip-synching or autotune is definitely a game changer from what people were growing accustomed to. As you all know, there was no Media or cameras allowed… but there are still cellphones! Here are some links to our personal footage we caught at Mod Club earlier . Enjoy 🙂

P.S Drake showed up looking like Romeo cheering off the balcony like his own child was on stage lmaooo , thanks for the thunder-clap we heard over the music . Xo

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