MIXTAPE REVIEW! – Audio Push The 7th Letter

I finally get to sit and talk about this AMAZINGLY SICK MIXTAPE! Audio Push has grace the mixtape world with yet another mixtape titled “The 7th Letter!
At first I wasn’t about to listen to this. There mixtape before this one (Backstage Pass) was my theme music last summer and when someone gets stuck in your head for two months STRAIGHT, it’s dead. The thing I really like about this mixtape is that they’re not afraid to talk about personal experiences. From being “April’s Fool” to keeping things a secret like a “DM” they got dance tunes to songs that make you think and relate. It’s all one big…. To be honest I just can’t find the freaking words. Features include: Chili Chili, Eric B, London Sky, Micah, Seriious (yes with two I’s) & SOULJA BOY. even though this mixtape came out in May, it’s still not only worth listening to but worth downloading.

http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/en/view-album/13698-7th-letter <— DOWNLOAD LINK.

their Twitters:
P.S. – usually i download so many things for the week and take my time to listen to EVERYTHING. Hence why this is being reviewed now. 😛


oh by the way, My name is Janelle, but i really prefer Aubrey (NOT DRAKE RELATED) :]

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