Live To Aspire Presents… Styl’d With Josie

As you may have heard, Styl’d With Josie brought to you by Live To Aspire will now be the forefront of Pretty Hype TO’s Style section. We’re super excited and it’s always a dope outcome when we all get together to do something.

This week Josie is giving you Spring and Summer 2011 Looks for Women as well as some tips on what summer looks will transition to fall. I know I will definitely be taking some of what she said with me, out on my next shopping trip. Ladies take note, it’s a hot summer and you wanna make sure you look likewise!

Watch and enjoy!

Next week look out for MEN’S LOOKS! you thought we forgot about the fellas huh? We got the scoop on what you guys need to be wearing, so stay tuned!


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