Exciting New Updates!

Hey everyone! It feels like we’ve been gone from Pretty Hype for months but in reality its only been a few days but we have been gone due to hectic schedules. Anyways its July which means we are halfway through the year (ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY FOR PHTO!) and that means some new updates for Pretty Hype! We want to continue to give you whats hype in T.O and also keep you entertained all while sharing our POV on topics that YOU care about!


We will continue to give you hot new music from artists across Toronto and Canada DAILY !

U Decide: we give you the music or music video and you rate and let us know if its pretty hype or pretty wack.

Mixtape Reviews: send us your mixtape and get our brutal and honest opinion

Throwback Thursdays: Sherifa will be giving you the old school jams that we know and love plus she’ll even school you on songs that today’s artists sampled from. Throwback Thursdays by the old school queen !

South of The Border Sunday: We receive music submissions from across North America EVERY DAY so now you got your spot to shine. Make sure its Hot! we’ll also feature hot new songs that we love all day Sunday!


Fashion:  *BRAND NEW* Styl’d by Josie will bring you videos, photos and posts on todays hottest trends by Stylist Josie La Corte. We’ll also have fashion photos posted by Aubrey Hope.

Photo of The Week: Provided by Photographers CupidPRO & Aubrey Hope

Topic of The Week: Every week we will post a video discussing todays most pressing issues… Or just whatever you want us to discuss. Let us know what you want us to bring up!

Hype Spotlight:  Every other week we will put the spotlight on someone in the city who we think is doing something special and deserves more shine. Feel free to nominate people @ prettyhypeto@gmail.com


We will be doing a lot more interviews and will also have a new video diary chronicling the crazy adventures of the Pretty Hype TO team called City Lights with Pretty Hype.  Pretty Hype T.O. will also continue to frequently post our favorite quotes and keep you posted on the events that you NEED to be at in the Tee dot OH! With all the new additions on top of what we were already doing before, we must say adios to the rest. For those who don’t already know, there is no more iLife on PHTO as well as no more NYC posts on events and songs; there will only be South of the Border Sunday. though it was short-lived; there is no more Poetry Corner and Hype Clothes will now fall under the Fashion category.

Hope you like what you see and if you have any suggestions feel free to comment on the post or hit us up on Twitter! If you would like to submit your work or an artist for any of the features we now have then please feel free to email us @ prettyhypeto@gmail.com or @reply us/DM us  on Twitter @PrettyHypeTO


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