Hype Music: Drake – Marvin’s Room

I find myself neglecting to post about music from Drake because i feel like he’s from Toronto anymore.  Am I the only one who feels this way? Anyways here is a brand new song from upcoming “Take Care” that was taking over Twitter last week and the buzz hasn’t stopped since.  After the first listen I was like hmm interesting… Kind of dark, brooding and substance-induced. I knew I liked it but not a lot because I didn’t understand it at first but after a few listens it has grown on me and I think its pretty hype styll, shoot I mean if all Twitter can talk about is this song then it must be something.

This was the best version I could find on YouTube but it is slightly sped up.

 To download the normal version CLICK HERE



the very underrated JoJo just released her take on the song Marvin’s Room yesterday and all the women everywhere can’t stop playing it and quoting the song on every social networking site, myself included. I Love JoJo’s remix, I think it’s a great female interpretation and i cant wait for her upcoming album “Jumping Trains”.

“Once you had the best boy you can’t do better, baby im the best so you can’t do better”

To Download JoJo – Marvin’s Room (Can Do Better) Cover CLICK HERE

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