Jessica Kaya – “Imperfections EP”

Good afternoon everybody, I know I’ve been on and off lately its just that ive been kinda busy and havent gotten the chance to focus on my love Pretty Hype. So in the words of J.Cole I am “back b*tch, back with an attitude” and I will not disappoint we’re gonna continue to work hard bringing you everything that’s hype out of this city, every day of the week.

With that said, we would like you to check out Jessica Kaya, sister to Juno – Nominated Eternia. she recently released her EP and i am a personal fan of it. The EP was released in its beautiful unedited raw form, some songs are even unfinished but I guess that’s what makes it unique. Her soothing jazzy voice calms you down to the point you find yourself lost in her voice. The producing on the tracks doesn’t hurt either with 2 tracks of the EP produced by well-known Toronto hit maker Rich Kidd. The talented singer-songwriter, Jessica Kaya, has appeared as a guest on various projects such as the track “Heavy” featuring Rich Kidd and Richie Hennessy, as well as lending her signature sound to the track “Love,” the video single from her sister Eternia’s Juno-nominated album “It’s Called Life” (Urbnet Records, 2005) and “Played Out” on Eternia & MoSS’s Juno-nominated “AT LAST” (Fat Beats Records, 2010). She is now preparing to break out on her own and now you have the pleasure of getting to know this super talented artist.

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