Hey everyone! Its Murissa here giving you the 411 on whats going on at Pretty Hype TO.

1. There is no more iLife Fridays. Sad, yes I know but all good things must come to an end.

2. We have an official photographer and videographer so you should follow them and support them! Our videographer and photographer #1 is Taejon Cupid (CupidPro) &  our 2nd photographer  Janelle Scott-Johnson (Aubrey Winter).

3. Speaking of Aubrey Winter, she will also be an official blogger at PHTO covering everything from Fashion to Photographer and the relationship between the two.

4. We will have a new segment starting Tuesday April19th, 2011  titled “Talk It out Tuesdays”. every Tuesday we are going to post a video or blog about a topic that gets us talking. in the comments, let us know what you would like to see us discuss on TIOT and we’ll make it happen.

We are super excited for this year and we’re looking forward to big things in the summer so stick around because it only gets better!

You Can Check out Janelle’s work @  &  Taejon’s Work can be seen @

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