Review: Travie McCoy LIVE w/ Black Cards & Bad Rabbits

we arrive at The Opera House and they were late like most rockstars are. Once we got inside.. we waited a bit more while they did soundchecks and the like, when finally Black Rabbits Bad Rabbits hit the stage. They jumped right into their first song “Eyes On You” with the band doing a little choreographed dance which I thought was cute. when they started performing the audience members including me had no idea who they were, but by the end of their set we were rocking along with them. The nice groove and high energy they put into each song and Lead singer Duatron’s Prince-Like singing had set the mood right and we would definitely buy their album/watch them perform again.

Next on the set was Black Cards.Their performance was okay from what I remember of it. The lead singer had a very nice singing voice and one song I remember was Summer Nights; which had a good vibe and had me reminiscing of my own summer adventures. I’m not sure if this was a bonus or a downfall but Pete Wentz was the bassist for this band. If he was to even smile at the crowd the screaming and madness began, some people were only snapping pics of Pete as if the band didn’t exist but hey I guess that’s apart of being a celebrity. Overall, the performance was good but forgettable.

For the grand finale we had Travie McCoy himself and there was no announcement of who was performing next. Travie got right into a performance of “We’ll Be Alright” and the crowd went nuts. his performance was high energy and fun the whole way through and we especially loved his guitarist who was dancing and jumping all over the stage like he owned the place, very “rockstar-esque”. Travie was very good with audience interacting, so much so that he planted a kiss right on the lips of an unsuspecting female, which im sure that caused a lot of jealousy in the front row. Overall the concert was great just The Opera House could have been a lot more organized.

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Photography By: Taejon Cupid|Www.CupidPro.Tk

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