Hype Music: Jaek Delarge – One Night Stand Mixtape

— Murissa Barrington

This mixtape was recently released ” One Night Stand ” – Jaek Delarge and in all honesty I think this is Smooth I’ve never heard sounds like this in a while , with the most important fact being that this young 19-year-old man is from our lovely city Toronto . This makes me really happy that the talent of our beautiful city is shining through thanks to artists like Mr.Delarge.

With this kind of relaxed flow , I can actually call REAL RAP. I know he’s going to go far, keep em coming man , keep em coming . Congrats .

Here are some words from Mr. Delarge himself .

” My stage name’s Jaek Delarge, I’m 19 and born and raised in Toronto. I linked up with my producer Freeway Freddy in ’08 and we’ve been making music together since. We worked as part of a music collective for 2 years and then released my first ep “Jaek Delarge Presents: The Love Songs” in 2010. Almost a year and month later I’ve released my first full length project and follow-up entitled “Jaek Delarge Presents: One Night Stand”. The mixtape also features production from Cola of the OBGMs and Cylla, known for his work with 50 Cent. I would describe my music as an honest yet stylish take on life and the matters of the heart. ”

To check out his mixtape ” One Night Stand ” click on the link below .


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