Murissa Barrington —

In case you are living under a rock, you know about Tumblr. Tumblr has taken over the “blogopshere” with the simplicity of the website and the abundance of awesome photos and GIF’s to share with friends. A definite staple of Tumblr is the overload of photos featuring people and their latest fashions. In T.O the most popular in the downtown urban scene has been snapbacks, TISA, Jordans, grungy boots, boutique fashions (1 Love T.O, Stussy, Ransom etc. ). and the list goes on. Its hot, its dope, its what’s “Pretty Hype” in the city. So in recognition of the latest trend we bring you up and comers with their clothing line called ELITExCLOTHING.

Coming out of the York Mills/North York area, ELITExCLOTHING started out in March of 2010 when founder Keavan Yazdani ( @BelowThaHeavens) was fed up with all the “hype brands” and simply wanted to rock the clothes that he LIKED. Keavan Yazdani then started to share his clothing with others when he realized that other people were feeling the designs that he created. For the later part of 2010 though, ELITExCLOTHING went on a hiatus until the new year came and they decided to pursue the clothing line again full fledge alongside new co-owner/partner Brandon Schulz (@NXRD).

ELITExCLOTHING is still gaining a steady fan base around the city with co-signs from YouTube rapper D-Pryde and they are currently in talks to get their clothing on Twin Rap Duo A-Game ( @AGameMusic) and Tory Lanez. Where is ELITExCLOTHING headed? They’re not sure, but for now they know that they definitely want to have a successful line and eventually open their very own store in downtown Toronto and beyond. Keavan told me as in the words of drake “ We Didn’t know where we were going, we just kept going”.

If you would like to purchase any of the dope clothing you see, feel free to Message Keavan directly on Twitter or Facebook (Keavan J. Yazdani) so you can meet up locally. Their online store is still being worked on but feel free to check it out to get an idea of prices and to stay posted on when they will be able to ship to your home.

Check Them Out Below!


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