Food For Thought : Trolls & Warlocks …..?

“Why is the opposite sex so confusing ?” the answer to that as of now NONE, but maybe just maybe we can get more of a straight forward understanding of each other … right ? WRONG .

If you asked me I would say we both had to come from alternate realms like their “warlocks” and us women we’re “trolls” we’re “water” and their “oil”, I just don’t seem to be able to wrap my thoughts around how a man thinks . Why do they try so hard to get you and slack off when they finally got you ? Why can’t some of them take rejection ? Why cant I find the right one for me ? ….. that right there is what most of us women are usually thinking .

This right here is my take on the explanation , us as women are PICKY we think were not but oh yes ladies we most definitely are . We want somebody we can talk to , get along great with , somebody who listens all that and the 9 other yards , but here’s where the picky part comes in .

Ladies “DO NOT” I REPEAT “DO NOT” want or respect the “yes man” maybe the gold digging kind do but come-on ladies as your real man ?? HELL NO ! a ” yes man ” will do about ANYTHING and yes I know it may sound like .. “wait isn’t that what women want the most EVERYTHING ???” wrong , the ” yes man ” is weak , will put up with any amount of shit , and is basically a walking door mat , if you like that maybe you need to calm down on the control LOL .

None the less we need a good argument to show he cares that much because as much as we hate it anger is still a strong emotion just as strong as love , we NEED somebody who gives a shit , and tell you your wrong sometimes “when we usually think were right ” and that is the same dude you can have the most intense argument with but at the same time the most caring person in the world .

It is what it is let’s face it that’s what makes a man , not a dude who will do ANYTHING , but a dude who’s not AFARID to love you and go against you , a stong thinker with a sharp mind of his own .

Ladies wishing there were more men of that sort DAMN RIGHT but all for now I guess we’re all going to just have to make it together in this crazy Troll & Warlock world .

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