Empire State Of Mind

The Last Time We Were In NYC

ATTENTION all of our amazing blog readers! The lovely ladies of Pretty Hype TO are taking New York City by storm this weekend so there will be a shortage of blog posts. we are SO excited, not just because we are going but because we are going together with all of our friends, all 8 of us. 🙂 As soon as we get back we will give the entire update with video footage and photos of our adventure, this time we are staying in Bronx,NY instead of Harlem. We will also be meeting the other half of our blog iLife. This is going to be very exciting and interesting, collaborating with our men of Pretty Hype in the city that never sleeps. Anyways, have to get back to doing last-minute packing and prepping so we have to go!

Love Sincerely,

Pretty Hype TO

we will be back to our usual of providing you with whats hot in T.O. on February 25th.

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