Charmed Monroe Presents… The Almighty Ball 2

This is going to be in Charmed’s words “DRAMA!”
We at Pretty Hype TO are definitely looking forward to this event and if your into having tons of fun then you need to be there to!
Below are all the details.. WE BETTA SEE YOU THERE! =)

Also check the FB event page for more info: CLICK HERE

Doors Open @ 9pm
LSS Starts @ 10:30 SHARP! Order of categories will be told then!

$20 Cover @ the door
$15 Early Brid Tickets Available From: Oct 22nd – Nov 20th! Only 100 Early bird Tickets so get them quick.

For Tickets contact: Charmed Monroe (Blackcat) @ or call 1 647 700 – 5865 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1 647 700 – 5865      end_of_the_skype_highlighting or 1 647 654 6953 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1 647 654 6953      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

The 2nd ALMIGHTY BALL is around the corner folks! I will be giving you all the info you need so you can walk the categories. The info for each category is here now. Plz pass this invite to your interested friends & check back regulary for updates.


All categories will have a Trophy & some will have cash ($$$) prize!

Best Dressed $$$ – “Done for the gods” This category is not about clothes that you just took from the back of your closet. Tonight at the 2nd Almighty Ball, we’re looking to see the people that took the time to get DONE for this category. Male Figures need to be in suits and Female Figures in dresses. Think outside the box, and be creative!

OTA Runway – “Pure Royal Runway” Purple is the colour of royalty, white represents purity and who doesn’t love a bit of gold? Tonight the look is on you but remember the theme is Pure Royal Runway. Your look must have all three colours, but your walk will make you stand out amongst the competition.

OTA Virgin Vogue vs Virgin Runway – “The understudy” You are an understudy to one of the more established names in the Toronto scene! You’ve been practicing hard for tonight, and you are ready to showcase your talent on the Almighty Ball platform. Tonight, in an all black effect, come out with the person who has been inspiring you in the city!

OTA Performance $$$– “Time for Battle” To get your 10s for performance tonight, you must put your best foot forward. You must get 10s in the element of your choice, and then you must also get 10s for your all around performance, which will have every other element. Bring it in a gladiator effect and let everyone know that you are the Almighty performance ruler!

OTA Old Way – “Stealth Ninja” At the last Almighty ball, this was one of the hottest categories although only one person walked. Tonight, we’re anticipating another ovah display of precision, skill, and energy. Bring it in all black with coloured gloves!

OTA Face – “Touched by the Gods” In an all white Angelic effect, bring your lovely face to the ball, and show us who has been blessed with a god-sent carta!

OTA Dancehall Champion – Flawless has the crown right now! The competition was good last year, but this year we want it all. The look is on you, but it must scream DANCEHALL CHAMPION!

OTA Dance Dance Dance $$$ – Just bring it! (No voguing allowed)

Sit That Bitch – At the last Almighty ball, Twysted Monroe was called out by a competitor and sent the competition packing. Will you be called out, or will you be bold enough to call someone out and “Sit That Bitch”?

Grand Prize OTA Hand Performance $$$- “The Last Bender” The four elements are waging war against each other! Water, Air, Fire and Earth are vying to prove which element is most powerful! Bring it all one colour representing your element, Water – Blue, Air – White, Fire – Red, Earth – Green, in a creative effect and let your hands demolish the competition.

Female Figure Body – “The Amazon Warrior” The women of the Amazon have the bodies that women would die for. You have been blessed with a body of an Amazon warrior and tonight you have to make us know it! Bring it in an Amazonian inspired look and seal the competition.

Male Figure Schoolboy Realness$$$ – “Hail Mary” Every morning in Catholic school, the students have to say the “Hail Mary” prayer, and tonight we’re saying the prayer at midnight. Schoolboys (Butch Queen, Transman, or Butch) bring it in your Catholic school uniform!

Butch Queen Body $$$ – “Atlas” Atlas bore the weight of the world on his shoulders, in nothing but a traditional Greek toga. Bring it in the name of Atlas, with your amazing body and we’ll see which man can hold the weight of the trophy in his hand.

Butch Queen In Drags Realness – “Eve OR Adam?” In the Garden of Eden, stood a beautiful tree. This tree bore forbidden fruit. Tonight, in the name of Eden bring a fruit you believe was in the midst of the garden. Will the judges see Eve, or will they be able to spook the real you, Adam??

Women’s Perfect 10s $$$ – Venus was a Roman goddess principally associated with love, beauty and fertility, and the sex appeal to catch the eyes of Mars, the god of war. Tonight you possess the looks, the body, and the sex appeal to catch the eye of anyone they want. Bring it in blue lingerie and let your perfection seal your win.

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