Hype Music: KAT, Bambi Bugatti, Kitana & Quinn Maybach – Champion

I came across this song completely by accident and im so glad I did, I can’t stop listening to it even if I tried.
The songs fire and KAT makes it even better.. and you can assume the obvious.. she lives in non other than……you guessed right; Toronto 😀 just the way we like ’em, HOMEGROWN
I feel like this is one of those joints you can just lean back, relax, light a….hey hey now.. lets leave it at that.. and just enjoy the track.

ERKKSSS! so im in the middle of doing a post on this mister magic song when I come across this OTHER track called Champion with Kat, Bambi Bugatti, Kitana and Quinn Maybach ALL FEMALES, ALL HOMEGROWN AND ALL HYPEEE!!! OMG im so glad I found this! 🙂 shoutouts to DJ Lissa Monet’s blog.. that’s where I heard the song. ill add her to the blogroll so you guys can check her out as well.
I’ve CLEARLY been sleeping on the female talent in the city and I think I just got schooled a bit there with that song.. damn… anyway, have a listen and comment and let me know what you think.. personally I think this needs to hit the airwaves!

Champion by KAT, Bambi Bugatti, Kitana & Quinn Maybach

You can find them all on TWITTER by the way:


4 thoughts on “Hype Music: KAT, Bambi Bugatti, Kitana & Quinn Maybach – Champion

  1. Good post mate, bookmarked the blog. Also do you mind if I was to post some sections for my blog? I will give full credits to yours and a link back? Thanks keep up the good work!
    Amy is looking much better in the vid 🙂

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