We’re Baaaaaacccckkkk!

HELLO TORONTO! Your ladies of Pretty Hype T.O are back! Did you miss us? OF COURSE you did. Let me tell you guys from now, New York was MAAD WILD (don’t pronounce the D, like *while* but WILD 🙂 We met so much great people and every time one asked us where we were from, and we told them Toronto “Y’all know Drake?” LOL, NO! We don’t know him! Just because we live in the same city that he does, does not mean a thing; what we should have asked them if they know Jay-Z and Nicki Minaj xD!

On our first night there, we got completely lost. We walked up and down 7th ave and 8th ave, and did you know that the whole of Harlem is named after historic African-Americans? For example, when we were on 117th and Frederick Douglass Avenue looking for 8th avenue, we asked every single person available where is 8th avenue, only to find out to tourists (like us) 8th avenue is Frederick Douglass but to the residents, it’s 8th!! Forty five minutes of valuable walking around time! But when we go back again, please, we know that city like the back of our hands! And trust me, our faces are without a doubt recognizable!

NEW JERSEY! We went to Jersey Gardens, y’all. Talk about outlets! Dixie Outlet Mall has nothing on Jersey Gardens. We went into Hollister and there was LITERALLY NOTHING over thirty dollars! It was heaven, no word of a lie. We really wanted to go to the original Jersey Shore and Carlos’s Bakery (Cake Boss) but we ran out of time and were unable to make it – there’s always next time. But after that, we shopped along 125th where there were these unbelievably sherbet type of icees (phenomenal, after having one of those, you had to tongue smack man). And we cannot leave out TIMES SQUARE! That place is amazing! It is stunningly beautiful and we even seen Michael Jackson in the flesh! Sherifa almost died when she seen the impersonator, exactly like Michael – with moves to a tee. And of course, the greatest store of all, Forever 21; if she had the chance she most likely would’ve spent the entire trip in that one store ^.^

Over all, the trip was amazing; we met a lot great people; we went to the Bronx for like a split second; WHITE CASTLE – best store on the planet, we recommend going there when you want a cheap but fulfilling meal. We will back in New York in October!!

One thought on “We’re Baaaaaacccckkkk!

  1. That was the best ! I cant wait to go back ! very sadisfying trip ladies , a bit rocky at times but full of unforgetable memories ❤

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