Hype Music: Untitled

When browsing around my Facebook page i came across a video shared by Josie La Corte the fab graphic designer that made our logo! (thanks girl!)

It was a remake of pretty boy swag and ouuuuuu the way they sang… i needed to know more!
Their name is Untitled …. no really, thats their name lol and they are simply divine!!
They are signed to DTP/DEF JAM so im sure the world will know about them any minute now.
Untitled gives you a mix of new school with some old school flavour like Jodeci, i love it! 🙂

check out some vids below and let us know what you think of P.B, Nixx and Intro 😉

You can Find them on Myspace @ www.myspace.com/untitlednuera

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