McCallaman Interview!

And if you Dont know.. NOW YOU KNOW!

It seems as of late , Toronto-born producers like Marco Polo, Rich Kidd and Boi-1Da to name a few, are making a splash over the airwaves and across the border.
We Caught up with McCallaman a Toronto born and raised producer at the tender age of 18, whose definitely making a name for himself.

PrettyHypeTO: Your only 18 and your already producing music for up and comers in Toronto. How did you get started?

McCallaman: Well, my cousin Anthony “D-Keyz” James (RIP) from Burd&Keyz productions was the one who introduced me to beat-making. I was around 12 years old, I think. But from then on I downloaded the infamous program called “FL Studio” or “Fruityloops” to some…And it has just been a magical experience ever since.

PHT:How long have you been producing music?

MC:Well I started playing around with producing at age 12. But I can say that from age 15 I started taking it seriously. So, for about 4 years now (I’m 19 next month…Scary)

PHT:And so far who are the more notable artists you’ve worked with?

MC: Andreena Mill, JDiggz, Kim Davis, R-Tripz, Jonny Roxx, Erik Flowchild, and Mason Payne to name a few.

PHT: Now, were you acquainted with them before they knew about your amazing music production or did they find out online etc…?

MC: Most of them found out via me hitting them up or them hearing about me via online. R-Tripz and I go way back though (Space Boiz 4 Life). I’m pretty down with Andreena, Flow, and Mason Payne though. Many artists I’ve met through other artists or at events as well.

PHT: Where do you hope to take your business?

MC: Looking in the near future, I just want to be able to live off of doing what I do and never have to take up another average joe job again. But I think I’d like to maybe establish my own label at some point in time as well. I really want to make music that touches and influences people.

PHT: And if someone wants to find your music or contact you about making music where can they find you?

MC:Good question! They can find me on these sites:
Facebook search: McCallaman

I think that’s enough links (Laughs)

PHT: Any last thoughts?

MC: Thank you very much PrettyHypeTO for having me here. Simplicity is key


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