My Love, for FOREVER 21!

I love Forever 21.

I don’t understand why, I don’t know how, but I do. I mean like, any mall I go into I must ask “Is there a Forever 21” if there is not, I don’t want to go to the low class mall that does not have my all time favourite store. GEEEESE! The prices on the clothing are absolutely ridiculous it makes my interac card smile when I swipe it. I would live in Forever 21 if I had to! I would name my children Forever and 21, and I’m not even joking.

My ALL TIME favourite Forever 21 store right now is the one in Fairview Mall (Donmills Rd and Sheppard ave East). It is so big, it’s so beautiful, I get lost in all my emotions when I go there. When ever I go up the grand escalator, XXI greets me and it says .. “Come Sherifa, come to me! Buy my clothes, wear them, love me” and I do.

The ONLY time I went into a Forever 21 store and walked out with NOTHING, was the one on Yonge and Dundas Square. I was utterly disappointed that I left with nothing. I guess because that is the hottest spot downtown and every single girl only knows of that location (haha, don’t touch my fairview 🙂

But you know what, my next Forever 21 to visit is the one in Vaughn Mills, MYGOD, I heard that store is beauty. AND, the one in Times Square, New York City. I will NOT leave that store, I am telling you. I googled pictures of the one in Times Square and I was smiling the whole entire time.

You guys don’t even understand, my love for Forever 21 is exactumondo the love I have for Michael Jackson (and I’m crazy about that guy man. HEHEHE).

Anyways folks, I’m over and out, I’m discussing NY plans with my two best friends since one punk is in Grenada.



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