Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you.. EARRTHHQQUAAAKKEKEE

HOLY SMOKES? Did you guys just feel that!

At approximately 2:00pm today, an Earthquake hit TO! I thought it was my cat stuck underneath my bed until my grandma as yelling, “SHERII! YUH FEEL DI ROCKIN?” At that point I was like.. damn :/ No one expected an Earthquake to hit TO; we’ve always had a tornado watch every summer yet no tornado, but an earthquake? WOW! How random is that? As soon as I hit Facebook and twitter, all I saw was EARTHQUAKE, OMG DID YOU FEEL THAT? Everyone is so scared it makes me laugh. No need to panic people, keep your pannies on, Toronto is a strong city, Earthquake, scharthquake!

But there is going to be thunderstorm tonight… :/

– Sheriff The GREAT

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