A la MMVAs

Miley Cyrus Performs
OKAY !! First OFFICIAL post =)

PrettyHype TO was in full effect at the MMVAs last night. It was pretty awesome. The stars were out to enjoy the largest outdoor party including Drake, Hedley, DWW and more. My only issue was Miley’s Party in the USA performance. I don’t know but to me it looked like it was supposed to be party in the west coast, not to mention “in the U.S.A” may not have been that appropriate since we’re in the “G.T.A”. Some of us thought it would be a bit more like the video. Oh well, she looked like she had fun anyways and she was a great host minus the “flip the cue card” incident.

Another thing… Drake. It sucks that he had technical difficulties right when he was supposed to perform but HELLOO ! That’s what sound checks are for. Every time before the show started I would hear the track “Over” playing and i would look over in hopes of seeing Mr. Drizzy Drake but he was nowhere to be found. There was always some other big guy rehearsing in place of him. So come show time, I wasn’t really surprised that there were problems.But after all the problems were sorted out, (including Miley Cyrus’s major slip-up) Drake pulled off an amazing performance.

Overall, it was a great show. Katy Perry and Justin Bieber also had outstanding performances, as well as Mariana’s Trench; whose performance resulted in a crack in the roof over Rissa’s head,and wearing Lady GaGa’s infamous fireworks boobs from last years MMVA’s.Hedley’s perfomance of “Perfect” to slow things down and Ke$ha partied it up with glitter and all.

Congrats to all the winners and good job Much Music. I’m def. going next year !


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